Below are some samples of ISO training videos to demonstrate our expertise on the subject matter and quality of content delivery. Faculty has reach work experience from various types of industries and requirements are explained with common examples that everyone can understand easily.

What is ISO? -

These ISO training videos explain to you what is ISO standards, how these standards are developed, how many standards are published by them so far, who are people involved in the technical committee for the development of the ISO standard and lastly how much duration these standards have taken to develop.


Elements of ISO standards -

You will learn about the foundation elements of ISO standards pertaining to the management systems, the difference between process and procedure, the difference between process indicator and objective, the difference between correction and corrective action with some examples.


QMS principles? -

What are quality management system principles? You will learn each principle one by one with suitable example and this video also explain to you why these principles are very much significant for the effectiveness of the quality management system.


What are suitable M&M resources? -

Each word written in the ISO standard has weightage. Clause 7.5.1 from ISO 9001:2015 emphasises ensuring suitable monitoring & measurement resources. Do you know what is the meaning of SUITABLE? You will realise the importance of the requirement at the end of this video.


Why to do IMS lead auditor course? -

Check out this video and learn why should you register for IMS Lead Auditor Course. This video will explain that what are benefits of completing IMS lead auditor course instead of doing lead auditor covers one standard. It is the opportunity for time and money-saving.

IMS Lead Auditor Course
ISO 9001:2015 IMS Lead Auditor Course
EMS Lead Auditor Course
OHC Lead Auditor Course

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